Larry Wilder has performed over 2,000 shows on national and international stages, bringing his heart and passion for Americana music directly to his audiences. He is also a prolific songwriter, with original songs that reach into the soul of his Americana roots and connect strongly with his enthusiastic fans. Larry’s upbeat and encouraging personality keeps the show moving and the people involved. Expect to sing along at Larry Wilder show!

Larry lives in Portland, Oregon and performs nationally and internationally. Larry has recorded many albums that feature all-time favorite Americana songs along with his original recordings. His music is available online and in his online store. His awards, including National Yodeling Champion and Entertainer of the Year, have recently been joined by his designation as a Voodoo Doughnut Recording Artist, with his record being sold in Voodoo Doughnut stores.

Larry Wilder’s repertoire of songs across the Americana Music genre guarantees a show perfectly suited for any venue or event. Larry takes great care in tailoring his show to the audience. Sample song lists demonstrate his wide range. To book Larry Wilder, please contact us via email or phone, 971-322-8400.


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