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“The Sweetheart of San Fernando”

I was thrilled to present this new tune in honor of Western music legend and inspiration Marilyn Tuttle at the Gene Autry National Museum in Los Angeles on March 15, 2015.

By the following night, many were singing along with me on the chorus at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena.

Here are the chords and lyrics:

The Sweetheart of San Fernando     ©2015 Larry Wilder


C                      F              C                   F               Fm          C

She’s the Sweetheart of San Fernando—the dearest in all the West

C        F          C            Am            D7                          Dm-G7

The Lady with a heart of gold—the cowgirl we love  best

C                 F           C          F                 Fm     C

She sang way back in ’46 in “Down Missouri Way”

F                Em                 Dm     Am                  F                     G7      C

Her voice and heart know  all the parts—she’s tailor made  for today



She’s the truest Saddle Pal—that Western music knows

All us boys and cowgirls—know the debt we owe

To make the best darn music West of the Great Divide

And feel her Love and Guiding Hand—right here by our side



She did the ’50s TV shows—with Wes and Les and Merle

She was a friend of old Bob Nolan—this Original Western Girl

With her dazzling Heavenly voice—sent down from God Above

She helped create our Western ways with her talent, faith and love



Now our Sweetheart of San Fernando—is the Lady in the very first row

She keeps the flame and lights our way to make a Western show

When her name is called up Yonder—you’ll hear all Heaven ring

From the very first row of the Heavenly Choir

She’ll show ’em how an Angel sings



Tag: She’s the Queen of the West who’s just the best-the Sweetheart of San Fernando

Notes:  Verses and chorus = same chords.  I use the capo on the 2nd fret—key of D.

Have fun and sing it out for Marilyn!

Larry Wilder

Americana Inspiration

Americana Music Inspiration, Sons of the Pioneers

Formed in 1933, the Sons of the Pioneers trio of Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer and Len Slye soon featured the brilliant instrumental work of the Farr Brothers, Karl (guitar) and Hugh (violin). Karl Farr Jr once told this writer that his dad would listen to Stephane Grappelli, violinist with Django Reinhardt’s Hot Club of France quintet. No American fiddler has ever had a more supple right hand or more innate sense of touch or timing than Hugh Farr.

When Len Slye turned into Roy Rogers four years later, the Pioneers enlisted Pat Brady and Lloyd Perryman. Lloyd’s lustrous tenor voice and brilliant arranging skills enhanced what was already an electrifying bunch. In addition to Lloyd, Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer and the Farr Brothers, Brady’s bass, comedy and singing rounded out this greatest of all western musical groups. Allowing for WW2 interruptions, this classic six played from 1937 until the retirements of Spencer and Nolan in ’49.

Their recordings of Nolan’s “Tumbling Tumbleweed” and “Cool Water” are legendary. Try “The Touch of God’s Hand” some time. Or you might be swept away with “Chant of the Wanderer” or “Song of the Bandit.”

Americana has never been the same since the Sons of the Pioneers conquered the West.


Americana Inspiration

Inspiration from Lily Tomlin

LilyTomlinSharing the stage with Lily Tomlin was a signal event. Her radiance, goodness and fierce lion mother care for the audience leave indelible marks on us all. When we sit at the feet of great entertainers as she, we are inspired and filled with an essence we cannot quite describe. Exactly what is it—greatness? Love? Brilliance?

America’s entertainers have always drawn from each other; Lily invites us down subtle avenues, sets us up and then knocks us over with tickling feathers.

We can’t get enough. And we rejoice in touching her heart as we laugh and send our love to her.

This entertainer owes Lily, for sure.