June ’18: Larry Wilder composition “The Lady on the Isle of Liberty” resulted in this powerful video about the children separated from their parents at the border.

Yodeling 101: Portland Americana musician Larry Wilder shares his tips, tricks

The Oregonian April 18, 2014 {Full Article and Video}



Larry Wilder penned a song for (Voodoo Doughnut) called “Voodoo Doll Yodel” and just recorded it. It will be out in July, on a split-single with the Dickle Brothers, our Americana record. –Jay Rubin

Oregon Music News April 18, 2014 {Full Article}


Larry Wilder with his guitar, banjo and yodeling skills makes these musical links between acts a high point of the evening. By the play’s end, we all wanted to sing along.

The Oregonian February 22, 2014 {Full Article}


Larry Wilder Yodeling

HJNews February 18 2012 {Video}

“A great performer with an awesome gift for involving the audience.”

~Ron Thomason, High Mountain Festival Director, Westcliffe, CO

“A passionate spirit of the soul of Americana who brings hope and joys to audiences through his music.”

~Bill Furman, CEO-Greenbrier Companies

“The depth and breadth of his repertoire is truly remarkable. Combine this with his caring and charismatic presence and Larry Wilder is Portland’s vibrant torchbearer of American roots music.”

~Lisa Lepine, Promotion Queen