Americana Music

The Rich Influences of Americana Music

AmericasInfluences02Americana music is a varied and rich tapestry with a thousand definitions and a million adventures. To me, Americana means anything folks like to play and sing here in America. We have influences from all over the globe tinting and intensifying our musical artist’s palette.

The late Alan Lomax (1915-2002) collected songs all around America, as had his father John. In his classic volume The Folksongs of North America, Lomax says that “Our best songs and dances are hybrids of hybrids, mixtures of mixtures, and this may be their great appeal to a cosmopolitan age . . . folk music, like other arts and sciences, blooms hard by the crossroads.”

What is a folk song? Whatever you think.

What popular song today will be a folk song in thirty years? You guessed it.