Voodoo Doughnut Time!

VoodooDoughnutHere I am with Cat Daddy and Tres, the creative and business chiefs of perhaps Portlandia’s most flamboyantly famous enterprise—Voodoo Doughnuts.

My recent composition “Voodoo Doll Yodel” will be released by Voodoo Recordings in July. It tells the saga of boy-meets-vamp at Voodoo Doughnuts, where they eventually get married ‘neath the smiling Kenny Rogers, as many couples have actually done. My outré “Voodoo Style Yodels” vary on every chorus.

This epic opus was waxed, I should say computerized, at another Portlandia fixture for over 30 years–Fresh Tracks Studio, home of Grammy Award winning songs engineered by Jon Lindahl. Jon enhanced “Voodoo Doll Yodel” with his bass, drums and masterful use of funny sounds and effects.

We do our best to Keep Portland Weird.